ProTravel Roadmap

The PTR roadmap shows everyone what to focus on.

What is PTR Roadmap?

The PTR Roadmap provides a strategy and plan for PTR development. It’s driven by short and long-term company goals and communicates how and when the PTR will help achieve those goals. By effectively implementing the PTR roadmap, it reduces uncertainty about the future and keeps PTR teams focused on the highest priority PTR initiatives. The roadmap shows everyone what to focus on.


Emergence and design of the idea – Creation of tokens and commissioning of the website – Whitepaper created – Announcement in social media and blog registrations. PTR available on Ethereum Blockchain – Crowdsale, ICO launch, Creating android and iOS mobile application. Expansion of the PTR team. Acquisition of new partnerships.30 million PTR users worldwide, Operational status of smart contract. 100 million PTR users worldwide. Partnership whith Cryptocurrency exchanges and Credit cardcompanis,

The PTR team and the blockchain technology of the PTR network will try to deliver the milestones on time.