How to view your protravel?

Guide: How to view your protravel (crowdsale / fundraiser) Tokens!

Many thanks to all who support our crowdsale / fundraiser and believe in the success of protravel.

If you haven`t joind yet, You can join our crowdsale / fundraiser until 24,Jan.2020.

Managing your Tokens

Note that ICO is the symbol for protravel tokens.

1.Go to
2.Hit ”Send Ether & Token” and unlock your wallet.
3.Under the ”Token Balances” section „hit” Add Custom token”.
4.Enter these details.

Token Contract Address: 0x24ce17dffd370585458d8df18528cc2176d23bf2
Token Symbol: PTR
Decimals: 8

And Save it.

5.Your balance should now show!
6.The Send tokens has a dropdown box that will allow you to select protravel tokens.
7.if you want to send tokens, you will also need a small amount of ETH in dhe account to cover gas costs.
These are just miner transaction fees the network needs to move tokens around.

If you used wallet other than MyEtherWallet, don`t worry! You can export your private key and unlock your wallet in MyEtherWallet.


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